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Fidelizer 5.0 Released

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Fidelizer 5.0 Released – Major update with Windows 8/8.1 fully compatible | Windows X's Live


Changes in version 5.0

-Added new specific optimizations for Windows 8 and later

-Fixed sound stuttering from launching audiophile player with optimizations

-Fixed program error after optimizations in some cases

-Improved code optimizations reducing optimizing time significantly

-Improved sound signature producing better coherent and fuller body

-Improved system stability for Audiophile optimizations level and higher

-Optimize core optimizations to follow Microsoft standards

-Updated user interface with current UX style standards



Happy Emm Labs/Viola/Karan/Rockport audiophile


Fidelizer - Feel the real sound http://www.fidelizer-audio.com

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Thanks for the update.


Tried out 5.0 shortly this morning with the customize option and the top four 'Fidelizer features' marked, and initial sonic impressions reflect the "better coherent and fuller body" mentioned above. Just a natural, well-balanced and coherent sound.


Thanks for providing this free (evolving) product!

Source: Synology NAS > DIY Mediaserver • Software: JRiver MC29/O&O ShutUp10 Optical output: ASUS Xonar AE 24/192 • DAC/preamp: Blue Cheese Audio Roquefort Digital cross-over: Xilica XP-3060 • Speakers: Electro-Voice TS9040D LX (for active config.)  Subwoofers: 2 x MicroWrecker Tapped Horn • EV horns amp: MC² Audio T1500 • EV bass amp: MC² Audio T2000 • Subs amp: MC² Audio T2000 • EV horns cables: Mundorf silver/gold 1mm solid-core • IC: Mundorf silver/gold XLR/Mogami 2549 XLR/Cordial CMK Road 250 XLR • Subs and EV bass cable: Cordial CLS 425 • Power cables: 15AWG Solid-core wire w/IeGo pure copper plugs (DIY)


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I upgraded from v4 to v5 on my Win 8 audio server and all was well. Sounded good. I chose custom mode but left on "networking" as I use my iPad to control JRMC 19.


The next day I finally decided to update Windows to 8.1. Once I did that I had to dial back my settings to "audiophile" otherwise I lost network connectivity even though it had worked with the same settings on 8.0. the only difference was the box to remove "unnecessary" services.


Still sounds good but I liked the custom settings better...

"Don't Believe Everything You Think"


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