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Bit Perfect 2.0 available

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For the first time, I have managed to upgrade direct from the app store. No need to faff around deleting old versions first etc. etc.

Will have a listen later.

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I like the sound, very natural, analog like.

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I had never tried Bit Perfect, but decided to give it a whirl when I saw it was recently updated. I like the sound a lot; very euphonious, open, and easy to listen to. My favorite sound is iTunes with Amarra, and I think this comes pretty close to that, at a lot less cost, with a less obtrusive user interface, and - most important to me - no issues with skipping, slow starts, and "broken record" multiple restarts at the beginning of a track, which are things that make Amarra unbearable for me to use most days. I also really appreciated the clear instructions on the Bit Perfect website explaining all the settings, what they do and how/why, and giving recommendations for best performance. That was very helpful and got me up and running with almost no learning curve. It's nice being able to just "set it and forget it" and get really good results. I wish I'd tried this application long ago.

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So the DSD conversion thingie is a separate $30 app. Anyone know if Audirvana would be able to deal with the files it produces? I don't want to pay $30 to find out, but if it does work, it would be much more elegant than the proxy file system.




Edit: the answer to my question is NO.


DSD Master: BitPerfect Introduces the Hybrid-DSD File


Bill, wouldn't A+ (w/iTunes integration enabled) "see" the file as PCM only and ignore the DSD portion? No, it won't play it as a DSD file but will actually play the hybrid file (semantics, I know).

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