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Article: CA TV Episode 4

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Hello Chris,


Very envious of the new Pass gear. Would love to hear your thoughts as to the difference between these new monoblocks and your Spectral gear.

My question concerns the Acer touch screen. Did you try this monitor with a mac? Was wondering as to compatibility with OSX. I understand that drivers may be problematic but only by heresay.




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Hi Chris,


are you leaving a more descriptive analysis of the pass labs sound to a review?


because on the episode, you are very short on description beyond "totally love / awsome" and that really does not describe the sound attributes.


I have enjoyed some very nice presentations of pass, but at times, the sound can "sound" fatiguing or a bit "dry".

So I imagine that you can describe it very differently...


On Pono, I am past of point of exciting, but hopefully you can post all your questions...




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I just finished a DIY Aleph J amplifier (Nelson Pass designed). 20 watts of class A SET power. Simply stupendous. Delicate, detailed, yet powerful when needed. I can only imagine how good the factory stuff is (better component matching, etc).

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[Office] Laptop > Kitsune R2R lvl3 > Violectric V281 > Meze Liric / Meze Elite

[beach/Travel] Laptop > iFi Go Bar > Ether Headphones / Focal Bathys

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I used to own the xa160 myself. I liked them a lot but boy did they run hot!

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Other components:

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I don't know if you're aware of it, but there is an "Obsidian Touchscreen" theme for JRiver which you may prefer using, rather than the default "Obsidian" one.


I have been thinking about buying either a touchscreen monitor or a Windows 8 tablet for exactly this purpose, so it was good to see it in use.

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I started using J River since version 15 after reading your article on it.


My litle contribution is that with touch screens you can select the touch screen display setup where the main menu is different, better suited for touch. Keep the good work.

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Hi Chris.


How do I purchase a CA Sweatshirt?



New simplified setup: STEREO- Primary listening Area: Cullen Circuits Mod ZP90> Benchmark DAC1>RotelRKB250 Power amp>KEF Q Series. Secondary listening areas: 1/ QNAP 119P II(running MinimServer)>UPnP>Linn Majik DSI>Linn Majik 140's. 2/ (Source awaiting)>Invicta DAC>RotelRKB2100 Power amp>Rega's. Tertiary multiroom areas: Same QNAP>SMB>Sonos>Various. MULTICHANNEL- MacMini>A+(Standalone mode)>Exasound e28 >5.1 analog out>Yamaha Avantage Receiver>Pre-outs>Linn Chakra power amps>Linn Katan front and sides. Linn Trikan Centre. Velodyne SPL1000 Ultra

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