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Apple Touch Screen JukeBox

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Do any of the experienced Mac users know wether there is any way to enable iTunes or any other Mac software to operate like a JukeBox so that listeners can select their own music without having to use a mouse?

This is for a small Bar.


Something along the lines of the Riptide Touch Tone system available for Windows OS see http://www.mp3touchscreens.com/


I would prefer to go Mac than Windows.


Many thanks


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that the guys from Ayre (no stock in ayre...long story) had a mac mini hooked up via a touch screen running itunes in coverflow mode. The report is that his wife would touch and play....is what you looking for?


Sounds pretty cool you have the option while your walking around.


I am just affraid of what my kids would due.....wow dangerous.


Plus my wife might want to play her aeo speedwagon stuff....yuck!






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We used the Mac mini with the ELO touch screen last year at RMAF:




Scroll down a little for pictures. This actually worked really well and we could use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse from a distance or use the touch screen.


I actually have that rig on ebay as I opted for a MacBook Pro which of course meant that as soon as I got it that the NEW models would come out.




The Mini already sold by BIN.


There are some simple settings to set and then you are up and running.


I would suggest putting a mouse there for stuff like passwords and stuff. I also used a program called Touch Strokes which was a programmable keyboard that was real nice when I didn't feel like dragging out a keyboard.





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