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CD Rip Methodolgy- MacWise

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Hello Chris & Everyone:


New to this forum and c.a. in general. Recently read thru the CD ripping methodology outlined by Chris and am quite intrigued.


I have two Macs at hand, 1- Power Mac G4 running 10.5.8 and 2- Macbook G4 running 10.4.11.


Can I run dbpoweramp on the power mac(using bootcamp) for ripping and the Macbook to handle the AIFF files from an usb drive? FLAC to a NAS.


I assume all hardware needs to be networked to facilitate simultaneous distribution of files from the initial rip? I appreciate any help/advice you may have.




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Bootcamp only works on newer (Intel based) Macs.


So no you can't run dbpoweramp on your G4.


Try X Lossless Decoder: Lossless audio decoder for Mac OS X or Max from sbooth.org or Rip from sbooth.org



...in my opinion / experience...

While I agree "Everything may matter" working out what actually affects the sound is a trickier thing.

And I agree "Trust your ears" but equally don't allow them to fool you - trust them with a bit of skepticism.

keep your mind open... But mind your brain doesn't fall out.

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I'll second the XLD recommendation. Try it on both your macs to see which one rips faster, not that speed matters that much, unless you're ripping a huge stack.


im not sure why you need simultaneous distribution from your server. You could have the Mac that rips completely off line, as long as you have a way to get the files to your server; and you need some form of communication (wired or wireless network, USB, FireWire, etc) to get the files to the computer that is "playing" the files. This will begin to make sense with a bit of practice; and most people here are quite willing to help.

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