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New Apple 13" Macbook, now renamed 13" Macbook Pro has Firewire


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Just announced at Apple's WWDC, all notebooks, including the Air have been updated... especially lowered prices!! Biggest news IMO, is the re-addition of firewire on the uni-body 13" Macbook's which they are calling them Macbook Pros.




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Its nice that the MacBook Pro 13" now have firewire:))) I am disappointed that in Canada there is not a price drop of $100 like in US. Price here remains at $1399 canadian.

I will wait for awhile to see if price gets adjusted in near future.


I was thinking of Mac Mini but its easier to upgrade memory and hard drive in laptop. I intend to change hard drive in laptop to SSD and upgrade memory to 4 GB myself.


Still have not decided on external dac yet. really do not know how Apogee Duet compares to CA Dac Magic or Musical Fidelity V-Dac


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