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How do I connect my Nas to Rega Saturn-R DAC

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At home I have a Nas Server filled with my music ripped as Flac files, I am in the process of purchasing a Rega Brio-R amplifier, Saturn-R CD/DAC and Harbeth Super HL speakers.



Please could someone explain to me how I can connect my Saturn-R DAC to my Nas by ethernet.


Thanks Donald

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I don't think Rega has a ethernet port, so options are:


1. Your NAS has USB out --> to Rega USB in

2. Ethernet --> Media streamer --> to some of Rega digital inputs

3. Ethernet --> PC --> USB converter --> to some of Rega digital inputs


a budget alternative...

4. Ethernt > Cubox (USB output) > Rega Saturn USB input

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