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Help On a Super Tight Budget - Bedroom System

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I've done a lot of threads and posts recently and I'm just trying to learn the basics of this hobby and such.



I have a Yamaha DSP-A595a AV Amplifier and need a pair of speakers for a bedroom system. This is my first "system" and would like to get it right. I just want some recommendations.




-Need to be no more than £100.

-Need to be able to buy from the UK, Manchester if possible.

-Need to be bookshelves.

-Need to be able to fit on a small, glass, stand. TV stand to be exact.

-Need to be aesthetically pleasing, no one wants a pair of ugly speakers, you wouldn't buy an ugly phone or an ugly sofa. I'll be sitting looking at them every day.

-Would prefer the speakers to be black/gloss.



They're mainly for listening to music and watching TV (Netflix), maybe on my PS4 at times.



I have done some research and come up with these speakers.



Cambridge Audio S30 Oak | Speakers Per Pair | Richer Sounds



Tannoy MERCURY VR Maple | Speakers Per Pair | Richer Sounds



Mordaunt Short Avant 902i Stereo Speakers | eBay



Any thoughts?



Also, once I have bought the speakers, how else could I improve my "system". Meaning, subwoofer etc.



Sorry for all the threads guys :(

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