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Beck - Morning Phase

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The graph on the left looks pretty compressed dynamic range wise.....lots of blue. DR Database shows the CD dynamic range is a 6 on average and ranges from 3 to 10 on the various tracks. I don't know how to read the graph on the right.


I am listening to the CD now on my desktop system. It sounds pretty good.

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The other thread on this (in the Music general forum) is debating the merits of HDtracks again. Personally I think the HDtracks offering sounds slightly better to my ears than the redbook (again, could be my DAC likes it better)...both are too freaking loud of course (as seen by the waveform)..but Beck and his main demographic like it like that. If this clear homage to Sea Change was recorded by Nigel Goodrich (like the aforementioned Sea Change) we would have 24 bit versions that stand out, cuz there would be some headroom and quality to mine.....here not. My $.02


BTW, I love just about everything Beck does, and considered the pre-release of this album by NPR streaming on my birthday last Tuesday to be one of my better b-day gifts. :) I love the album so far, loudness an all. The critics have called it "too safe" cuz it seems to be a rehash of Sea Change, but if the Beatles (pick any favorite groups milestone album or two) came out with an Abbey Road or Revolver part two, I might be willing to like it (even if it was too similar to Abbey Road or Revolver). And Beck is working on other stuff (finally lost his writer's block, thank you) that will surely be genre-shifting.


On purely a silly note...the noise up at 48k makes me wish it was DSD noise, and that this was from an analog-to-DSD master. Why? Cuz that would mean a surround SACD release is a possibility...which would be amazing. Sea Change is a masterpiece of 5.1 thanks to Nigel and then, of course, Elliot Scheiner.

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Track 6 - Unforgiven makes my speakers' woofers sound like they are distorting, even at low volumes. Anyone else hearing this?


Yes, it's a phased piano and bass effect.

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