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Which flavor of Vista?


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Hello everyone. I have officially deemed myself to know enough to be dangerous about using a Mac based server. At least I feel that I know enough to put together a recommended course of action for a customer and feel confident that it will work properly with the performance level mainly being determined by the quality of DAC.


It is now time to acknowledge that many (most) of our existing and potential customers live in the PC world. To start with I am going to ignore the kernel mixer issue by focusing on the Vista OS. Microsoft makes references to music and home entertainment as a difference between their basic Home, Business, Home Premium and Ultimate versions. I don't know if any of these will have any effect on the basic server function and quality. I also noticed that a couple of the versions contain support for their "Flip 3D" function and the Windows Tablet and Touch.


Is anyone familiar enough with these subjects to offer advice? If it comes down to it, I will purchase the Ultimate version just to make sure I am covered since it seems to be the "all of the above" scenario.


Thanks, as always.


Rick (Rom)


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Hey Rick - I would get the Ultimate version. As far as sound goes I know of zero differences between the versions. But, if your customers want Media Center they need at least th Premium version. One feature only available on the Ultimate version is Remote Desktop. This can be handy for remote controlling the music server or just plain old remote controlling a headless (without monitor) unit.


You can't lose by purchasing the Ultimate version and I don't think it will cost you an arm and a leg vs. the premium edition.


Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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