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Swans 2.1

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I got very lucky with these speakers. I bought them from someone who never really used them and was trying to unload them since he was moving. They were an absolute bargain which is exactly what I was looking for. I do most of my music listening through headphones so I wasn't willing to spend an arm and a leg on speakers. I have my Swans powered by a Kingrex USB tri-path amp and they sound absolutely delicious. I'm amazed at the quality of bass I'm getting from this budget set-up. I queued up an organ symphony and it did pretty well with the extreme lows that organs can produce. I'm extremely happy with them and highly recommend them. Beautiful workmanship as well.


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For everyone whose is not familiar with the Swan 2.1 speakers here is a link the their site. These are some great looking speakers and it seems like the sound matches the looks.




The Kingrex gear is also a very good product that should fit right in to any system. Six Moons has a nice article on some Kingrex grear. Here is a link to the Kingrex site.




- Chris

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