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CAPS 3.0 Video / HDMI Card


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I have been trying to get a CAPS 3.0 multi media version up and running (Blu Ray Drive + Lynx MCH card), and so far not succeeded. The video is not working correctly. I am pondering putting in an HDMI card, but the powersupply is too small for this. I'm completely ignorant on this topic so I thought I'd ask here. Are there any PCIe HDMI cards that are external powered, and have a small footprint so they would fit into my smallish case?

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Which version of the CAPS 3.0?



...in my opinion / experience...

While I agree "Everything may matter" working out what actually affects the sound is a trickier thing.

And I agree "Trust your ears" but equally don't allow them to fool you - trust them with a bit of skepticism.

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