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Setting up new Carbon server


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I've just received my CAPS3 Carbon from Small Green Computer. Aside from the fact that I find Win8.1 incredibly frustrating, all is good.


How should I optimize Windows for sound quality? I've heard of Fidelizer (Win7 only) and Audiophile Optimizer (Win server only) -- is there a utility for Win8? If not, I've had enough computer experience that I am reasonably comfortable changing system settings, but would need a checklist of what to deactivate.


Also, what about antivirus software? Most of the time this computer will not connect to the internet, but sometimes it will. IIUC Windows Defender deals with spyware but not with viruses, so I probably should have an antivirus program. I've used Symantec (Norton) on my other machines with good results, but I imagine that a program like this does a lot of stuff in the background that might not be good for SQ. How do other folks handle this?



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I tried tweaking W7, and never felt like I really had any idea what I was doing. Now I'm running Fidelizer in extreme mode. Big difference. There are guys here that are running Audiophile Optimizer with Windows Server 2012, and they say that it is more of an improvement, yet. There is a thread here that goes into fair depth about it that I found interesting, and want to try it myself. Looks like some fair computer skills are required. Widows Server is a 64 bit program, so your server will need to be able to run a 64 bit OS.


I am not running any antivirus software on my CAPS -2. It is behind my router firewall, and I rarely go to the internet, and only to well known sites for updates. I have not had a problem, and will clean it or reinstall W7 if necessary. Also, I really don't have any data or programs that I can't promptly reinstall.



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