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MacBook - recognize usb dac

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hi all


Apologize if this has been covered before, but so far no hits.


Since changing from a basic Argon dac (produced by Firestone) to a musical fidelity M1, I'm annoyed about this little detail:

With the Argon my macbook automatically detects the usb connection but with the M1 I have to open preferences and choose the it on the list under "Sound out" each time.


Can I somehow store this setting or change the setup so I can skip this step?


(my girlfriend is especially bugging me because she's lost in the process of turning on both amp, dac and now this audio out step when she connects her macbook - she's very appreciative of the sound of the entire setup and accepts my huge space ship-looking 60 lbs Jungson amp without quarrel so can't complain ;)

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