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linear PSU for external HDD?


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Hi all,


I have a MacMini 2009 running headless as music server with my music-library stored on an external self-powered HDD.


I'm about to get myself a linear PSU for the Mac. The benefits seem to be commonly appreciated. Will SQ also benefit when exchanging the switch-mode PSU of the external HDD against a linear PSU?

In this context I wonder if it would make sense to look for a PSU with two outlets: One to power the Mac, the other one to power the HDD? The PSU I have in mind offers 10A in total. Or would it still be better to have a cheap linear wall wart PSU for the external HDD and leave the Mac's linear PSU untouched?


I would be glad if you could share your real world experiences.


Best regards


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I don't have any personal experience with the Mac Mini, but if it were me, I would use a separate linear PSU for any external HDD/SSD used for storing music. You won't find suitable Linear PSUs available in wallwart form though. You may need something like a good +12V 2A and +5V 2A Linear PSU to be on the safe side, unless the external HDD was designed to be powered via USB or it's ratings as marked, show considerably lower power requirements..





How a Digital Audio file sounds, or a Digital Video file looks, is governed to a large extent by the Power Supply area. All that Identical Checksums gives is the possibility of REGENERATING the file to close to that of the original file.


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