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Dirac trail trouble

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I imagine that you have installed the latest drivers for your soundcard and that you have been able to see it in DLCT (Dirac Live Calibration Tool) so that the sound card was not greyed out in the dropbox as you are saying that you have been able to create the filters.


So if I understand correctly the question is about the DAP... can't you select your soundcard as the output device at the bottom of the DAP (Dirac Audio Processor) window?


I'm quoting the following from the manual which could be relevant to your issue:


In Windows and Mac, the Dirac Audio Processor™ will be automatically set as default device. However, it may be necessary to double-check this. Please follow the instructions below for your OS:



1. Open the Sound control panel by right-clicking the “D” icon in the taskbar notification area and selecting “Open Control Panel (Sound)”.

2. In the “Playback” tab of the Sound control panel, verify that the device labeled “Dirac Processor” is selected. If it is not, then select it and click the “Set Default” button.

3. For multichannel use:

a. Click the “Configure” button. .

b. In the “Speaker setup” window, ensure the required channel configuration is selected and click “Next” twice and finally “Exit” to store the configuration.

4. Click OK or Apply to apply a change, or Cancel to exit without changing.



1. In the Apple menu, select “System Preferences…” Then click the “Sound” icon under the “Hardware” section of the System Preferences window.

2. In the “Output” tab of the “Sound” settings window, verify that the device labeled “Dirac Audio Processor” is selected.

3. Close the window.

4. For multichannel use:

a. Audio MIDI Setup is in the “Utilities” folder inside the “Applications” folder.

Open it and click on the “Audio Devices” tab.

b. Ensure that at least the required number of channels is selected for the Dirac Audio Processor device

c. Click on “Configure Speakers...” to check and possibly configure which output channel that is routed to which speaker.


You'll also find troubleshooting info at the end of the manual, if the problem is still there please send me a PM,


Warning: My posts may be biased even if in good faith, I work for Dirac Research :-)

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