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Ayre QB-9 DSD + SOtM STX-USBexp + Windows Server

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I ordered an Ayre DB-9 DSD and I will use it with the following components:

-CAPS V2 Carbon, so with the SOtM STX-USBexp

-Windows server 2012 R2

-Audiophile optimizer 1.23 (Phil)

-JRiver V19


In order to play 192 kHz files, I read on the Ayre internet site that it is required to install the Streamlength driver provided by Ayre.


My question is: before installing the Streamlength driver do you recommend to install the tX-USBexp Windows driver (last version available on the SOtM site is v1.16.3)?


Thank you for your help!

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Thanks for the info. I'll be putting a Carbon together this weekend with the same setup.




JRiver19>CAPS Carbon (w/RWA Black Lightning PS,WS2012R2)>Cardas Clear USB>Ayre DX-5>Tellurium Q Black Diamond XLR> Boulder 1010>Tellurium Clear Black Diamond XLR>Boulder 1050>Cardas Clear>Wilson Audio Sasha

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