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Custom Odyssey Stratos

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I was reading an old post here regarding a Magnepan 1.7 shootout. I like the chosen title of "computeraudiophile." There were many positive comments about Klaus of OdysseyAudio in that thread. I bought a seven year old Odyssey Stratos from Audiogon and sent it directly to Klaus. I've read so many good things about him and I discovered that I can call and actually talk with him! I told him to take $500 and make the Stratos sound as good as possible. He is stripping it down and building it up with every trick he's learned to match it for some Maggi 1.7's - I don't even have them yet. I plan to get 1.7's for the FR & FL for a 5.1 system. When I suggested converting it to an extreme version, he said that wasn't the best route. He said there is plenty of power for the 1.7's. He is tweaking all the parts that will focus on sound quality. He's starting with a nearly empty case and making his own mod version. I think he is really having fun with this project. You have to trust someone to do this. He says the amp will sound amazing. Right now, I have two MMGW's and one MMGC. What really got me back into audio was a OPPO 105. I have decided to go with all separate amps for the speakers. I bridged an old NAD 2200 amp for a MMGC. The 105 is often used as a direct preamp connected to amps using the analog outs - the DAC's are amazing. I'm temporarily using a Parasound amp for the MMGW's until I get the customized Stratos. I had an older Denon 3805 but I've learned that the sound is much better using individual amps. Even running the 105 analog outs to the 3805 external inputs and then out of the 3805 preamps to separate amps was not good - the sound was masked by the 3805. I'll let you know how it sounds later.

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Congrats on your purchase and rebuild. My experience with Klaus was terrific (he is quite accessible!). I had him build me a fully tricked-out Cyclops Integrated for my MMGs and after 2 yrs. of ownership, I love my integrated more than ever. Odyssey gear seems to mate well with Maggies .. I bet you'll be pleased. Once you have some time with the Stratos, please post your impressions. Best of luck and good listening.

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Klaus has his "models" as described on his web site, but basically he prefers to talk to each buyer and make a "custom" amp to fit each system. Often at no - or only modest - extra charge.


The Odyssey amps are supposed to be great matches for the Maggies. They have no problem driving 4 ohm speakers or even 2 ohm ones. Some users say they can function fine at one ohm also. Your amp will put out gobs of power at 4 ohms. I'm sure you'll be happy.

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