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Dac2 hgc

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I was wondering if there are audiophile drivers that would be compatible with my Benchmark that I could audition? Thank you, enjoy.

HQ Player (#1) & Audrivana (#2) (wow! love the Apple w/music!!) .. these two software make my system "Amazing!", Purist USB- Benchmark DAC2 HGC (love it!), Purist Audio XLR , ATC SCM25A's (To Die For!) & Focal sub6 . Triode Power Cables with Uber Buss (Yes!) Also enjoy Audeze LCD3 w/"fat pipe cardas."

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Hi - I've had a DAC2 HGC for quite a while, I use it with the Benchmark driver, which I believe is a variant of the Thesycon XMOS USB2.0 driver. I am absolutely delighted with the superb sound, never get any dropouts including with high res and DSD, so can't imagine what an "audiophile" driver would bring to the party. Would be interested to know though. The Benchmark driver lets you play with buffer sizes etc, at least if you use JRiver.

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The Benchmark DAC2 Asio driver is great. I run everything through it Spotify, XXhighend and internet radio. Benchmark would have spent time on this to optomise sound quality(one hopes). I've disabled all sound devices except Benchmark on my computer.

I have looked into other Asio drivers but overall they appear to be similiar on paper, but have not heard any. The Thesycon did not work in my system.

Must admit when I ran the Hitech Evo/DAC1 and tried the Young software(J Kenny tweek) it was a worthwhile sound improvement.

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