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Pops when listening

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Tonight I was listening at higher volume one album with high DR, and two times I heard the pops. The source of the pops must be PC or JRiver, because I checked the files. My question is, can these pops damage the drivers when happen at higher volumes?


I get pops with some DACs and not others. But I use mostly Foobar2000. I don't remember if any were extremely loud, but if you're using a headphone it will hurt your ears more than the driver. Loudspeakers are a different thing, because you might have a power amp that can send a pulse to a speaker that will damage it, before it hurts your ears.

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The length of the pop was very short, but the problem is that occurred while listening to the music at pretty high level. I disabled the volume in JRiver because I read on Computer Audio Design's PDFs that this should solve the issue of pops. Hope that won't happen again.


I remember when the Dragonfly came out there was discussion of how to set volumes when more than one volume control is in line, for example when I use the ALO Island it's the music player VC, the system VC, and the Island VC. In a direct question to ALO, they ignored the system VC which I included with the other 2, and they said "keep the music player VC at maximum and use the ALO control instead". So there are some grey areas in this VC business.

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