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Help finding the Right DLNA NAS

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The foundation of my next music server will require a DLNA compatible NAS. I will be able to connect an Ethernet server directly to this new DAC. My current external hard drive is not DLNA compatible. I need to find a NAS that has Ethernet and is DLNA compatible. I checked out some products by Buffalo, but I see that they had an iTunes server embedded. My entire library is in FLAC and I understand that iTunes is not FLAC compatible. What DLNA NAS devices are available that will allow FLAC? I only want to spend what is absolutely necessary - so, as long as the audio is not affected, I don't care how inexpensive it is. I need at least 500 GHz. Suggestions will be appreciated…

Thank you.



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So I'm guessing flac files can be stored on the Buffalo NAS units just fine but any sort of built-in player / library functionality will not work with flac.


DO you need this to just store music files, or do you require this NAS to actually use a feature similar to a built-in iTunes server?


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First - I apologize that I posted this same thread in two areas. I didn't think the first one was ever issued.

I think you have cleared this up for me. It sounds like the NAS will be fine as a dedicated storage device, which is all I will need it for (as long as it still functions without an activated computer).



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