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Anyone tried a SATA Flash Card, to avoid sata cables?

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I run an Intel 120 gig 525 Series SSD that snaps into the mSata port of the motherboard, so there are no cables. I think processing for an SSD would be more dependent on the controller on the SSD card itself. The controller on the 525 optimizes performance based on the data pattern of the workload. Whether this make any difference sonically I don't know. What I do know is that the 525 runs hot and I get alerts in the Intel Management Software that it has hit 140 degrees.

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A high-speed SD card at the same price would give similar transfer rates and the same capacity, but on a much quieter and simpler interface. But that would require that your moth board have an SDXC card slot directly on its PCIe bus. (Any other interface for SD cards would negate the advantage.) I say this as a Mac mini user who boots from a (slow) 32GB SD card and dismounts/disconnects all other drives.

(See the thread and trend I started at: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f8-general-forum/attention-current-mac-mini-users-boot-mavericks-sd-card-load-ramdisk-dismount-your-internal-sata-drives-and-pour-drink-musicians-walking-out-your-speakers-18159/#post270162)

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Just came across these:


Buy Solid State Drives - SSD InnoDisk 32GB Internal SATA Compact Flash Card, 5V InnoDisk DESIH-32GJ30AW1QN online from RS for next day delivery.


Looks rather a cool little device, anyone tried one?


Brings up the question in my mind, does sata or msata have the shortest route, less components, less processing?





Paul Pang is a fan of the compact flash drive which is pretty interesting considering he's the one selling the $300 SATA cables. I personally chose to follow Chris' CAPS suggestion by going with an MSATA drive to avoid the cable. The MSATA drive is faster than CF but speed does not equal better audio.

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I would try SD card if I had a slot, as I like the idea of minimal interface.

The SDXC, does it work on the PCI bus?


I was thinking, trying esata via pci-e did not turn out so well. My plain old hdd on motherboard sata sounds better that PCI-e to esata. I have been blaming the PCI interface causing extra work load, more electronics in the path, may be not such a direct route, etc, etc,


I have since looked in my case and the SATA flash card (mentioned above) would not fit, I only have one PCI-e and one PCI slot, so no msata for me. The pc is the most complex part of my stereo, the rest I try to keep simple and straight forward.


Thanks for your comments!

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