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PC Wireless Digital Box 1.0

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I posted recently looking for a wireless solution for my Macbook Pro and 2 channel system. In particular I wanted to be able to stream 24/192 to the digital in of a CDP I have ordered. Well the gods have smiled upon me! The same company that makes the CDP has just released what they call a 'PC Wireless Digital Box 1.0'. Check out the link...


From this point on all new Droplet 5.0's will be made with a digital in to utilize this Digital Box but it can be used with any dac or CDP with coaxial digital in. It also has an onboard 16bit dac if you need it. It won't do 24/192 but will do up to 24/96 which is good enough for me considering there is very few options available without spending big. I don't think they have released a price yet but hopefully it is reasonable.



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