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As CD sales plummet, vinyl records are making a comeback

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I get it: we love sound. For me, there is no difference between listening to vintage or current vinyl and full range digital streamed from a computer (sorry, believers and purveyors of high dollar CDP's). I own more than fifty 78 rpm records, but cannot seem to locate my large collection of 45's. OH WELL. Sniff.


Once again, I am very lucky: http://www.austinrecords.com/



"I've got a google-phonic stereo with a moon-rock stylus. Sounds like SH*T!" steve martin


PS: Thank you Chris, for creating this place!


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(Sounds of Mark placing what is left of his fortune in a time-locked vault set to open in 12 years)


OK Chris! BRING IT ON! (Can't wait.)



PS: I'll never forget cruising in the 66 Olds Delta 88 HT listening to 8-track tapes! I still have a Red Nichols and his Five Pennies reel-to-reel tape too.


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