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iTunes 8.2


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Just when you think you've got everything all figured out, someone comes along and changes things.


Such is the world of computer audio.


There is a new release of iTunes/Quicktime just available. Early reports are that it sounds better. I cannot confirm improved sound now, only that there is a new release. Perhaps others can give a listen and report back?






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I upgraded to iTunes 8.2 a few days ago. Ever since the upgrade, iTunes has a tendency to freeze for about 5 seconds every 3 or 4 minutes. This ruins music playback, as there is no sound during this period. When this happens, iTunes is unresponsive to any mouse clicks or keyboard input. Eventually things recover, the music cuts in and out a few times as if experiencing clocking errors, then playback resumes normally. I'm not sure exactly how to proceed in debugging/fixing the problem and would welcome suggestions if anyone else has experienced this problem with iTunes 8.2.


Added July 31, 2009: I continue to have lockup (bouncing ball) problems during playback with iTunes 8.2.1. However, I have narrowed the problem to MP3 files recorded in Joint Stereo. It turns out this is how most of the music that I've downloaded from Amazon.com is encoded.


David Odren

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