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Audiophile help on a mac mini


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Hi folks. Could I ask for some quick advice?


I have a large collection of Flac audio. Much of it 24bit.


I have a Sony HT-ST7 soundbar: Bluetooth SoundBar (Sound Bar) with Wireless Subwoofer Speaker - HTST7 Review - Sony US


I know it's not the best speaker system - but it is convenient and fits perfectly under my TV in my cabinet.


If I use a mac mini to "serve" the audio - what is the best way to play my flac library on the Sony system?


I would want to video also running through the Sony and to the TV so that I can use the TV as a monitor.


Seems that HDMI would be the easiest.


If I run the video through HDMI and the audio through a DAC, would I actually be hearing DAC audio? Or would the HDMI over ride that? Will a DAC really improve the audio over HDMI? Likewise with optical?


Thanks for your time and help.

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Typically, but not always, the Mac Mini would utilize iTunes as the library manager and playback software. However, as you may already know, iTunes in and of itself does not support playback of FLAC files. That means you will need to use another software that may run in tandem with iTunes (which maintains it position as library manager) and allows the other software (Audivrana +, Pure Music, others) to playback the FLAC files. Or, an entirely different package (does JRiver do this) that can both manage your library and play the FLAC files. Or (yet again) operate a Windows OS on your Mac Mini to use one of the software packages that will play FLAC on that OS.


My Mac Mini is connected via HDMI to my Samsung Plasma HDTV and functions solely as the monitor when set to that HDMI input. I have a DAC connected to my Mac Mini and that is the audio I am hearing and listening to. I would highly recommend an external DAC of your choice.

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There's really only one way to do what you suggest and that's to feed the TV with your HDMI out of your Mac mini and the TV in turn will send a digital signal to the sound bar via the optical connection. This way, in effect the TV becomes your source switch.


There's no value in adding an external DAC to your current setup. Relax, sit back and enjoy some very convenient Flac streaming! I'm a streaming maniac with now every room having audio available......even the master bath with a pair of Martin Logan in ceiling speakers.

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