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Teac A-H01 vs NP-H750 (DAC+Amp) ?

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There has been some coverage here of Teac's $387 A-H01 DAC+Amp which seems like a very capable unit both for driving speakers and headphones. But for some reason, I've not seen any mention of the Teac NP-H750. It sells for $687, is a bit bigger, but has wireless built in, so no need for the Airport Express I currently use to get sound from my computers/iphones/ipads to our kitchen sound system.

The NP-H750 specs are:

BurrBrown PCM1795 DAC

40w per side @ 6ohms

The A-H01 specs are:

BurrBrown PCM5102

30W per side @ 8 ohms / 60w per side @ 4ohms

The A-H01 has an ICE amp, not sure of the NP-H750...

For some reason the NP-H750 only has an 1/8" headphone jack, while the A-H01 has a 1/4" headphone jack. I have a pair of HD600's I like to use, but do have a separate headphone amp connected via USB when I'm doing more critical listening, so that is not such a big deal, but strange move on Teac's part to put a smaller jack on a more expensive bit of gear.

I'll mostly be using the amp with a pair of 4ohm BlueRoom mini-pod speakers (from ex-B&W engineers) and a HSU ST-1 Sub. As mentioned this is our kitchen setup, so not looking for ultimate sound, just a good investment that will serve multi duty in the years to come.

Is the built in Airplay going to give me that much better sound? I can make use of my AirPort express in another room, so wouldn't be going to waste.

Of course the $300 difference is there, but if the quality is that much better….

Why no reviews of the NP-H750 on the net?

Any and all thoughts appreciated !

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