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Basic JRemote question--MC19 for Mac


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I have a very basic question re using JRemote with MC19 for Mac: When I press any of the buttons such as Now Playing, Theater View, etc. on the JRemote screen (as pictured below), nothing whatsoever happens. I'm an admitted JRemote novice, although I've been using it for over a year....is this feature not 'active' with JRiver for Mac, or am I missing some configuration/custom view creation?


Basically, I'd like for JRemote to display something like the "Playing Now" button does in MC19...


Thanks in advance for any input, tips, etc.







JRemote screenshot.PNG

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I may be off the mark for what you are looking for but have you selected the > in the upper right corner? Does that give you the display you want? You can also tap the artwork image for full screen display.

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