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Rudimentary CAPS question: where are the rendered files?


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Hi folks,


The audiophile and computer audiophile learning curve is steep and I am attempting to use the proper vocabulary but I apologize in advance if I miss the mark.


I am confused about the the function of the CAPS hard drive regarding audio files selected for rendering. (Or maybe I am confused about streaming or the general need for a media server.)


Take for example the CAPS v3 Topanga with its 60 GB drive. Do the files that will be rendered need to be on the CAPS hard drive? It seems cumbersome to have to move them there every time. Or, is the CAPS just a conduit for accessing the audio files on a NAS? Does the server simply retrieve the bits from the NAS, pass them through memory, and send them to a DAC/preamp/amp to be rendered? Maybe a NAS can do this all on its own, e.g., a Synology NAS and the Audio Station app. Why not keep the path as short as possible to the DAC/preamp/amp? Is a media server put in the path simply because rendering components do not connect easily to NAS devices?


Thanks for helping me to consolidate these concepts!

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The CAPS *COULD* have the files on the same HD, but most people don't do that. Most people use a remote HD of some kind, external HD in a case, NAS, some other networked drive to hold the files.


The CAPS is mostly used to access the files, pull it into memory locally, and stream it out to the USB port.


I can't answer the question about using an NAS with Audio Station. Haven't tried it.




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