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2.1 Audio issues from Asus Xonar Essence STX S/PDIF Coaxial and JRiver Media Center

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So, here's my situation: I recently purchased a powered subwoofer and have it hooked into my A/V Receiver via the subwoofer Pre-out. My audio collection is on my PC, and I use JRiver Media Center 19. However, I've found that I can't get anything from the subwoofer unless I set the DSP output to Dolby Digital. If it's not enabled, even if I set it to output stereo as 2.1, nothing is heard from the subwoofer. At first I thought there was an issue with my receiver, but it outputs to the sub with any other audio, and works fine if I have the audio output from JRiver via HDMI. Any ideas why this is so? Thank you in advance!

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Open the Xonar Audio Center and make sure that you have the SPDIF output set to PCM and the 2 boxes below are unchecked. Turn off all DSP's in JRiver, set the receiver to stereo or all channel stereo and see if it works.




That did it! I don't know why I couldn't get it to work, but now I've got PCM audio from the SPDIF out on my card, and the subwoofer is working. Thanks for the help!

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