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Interest in Original Peachtree DAC•iT?

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Hello all.


I recently upgraded to the new Peachtree DAC•iTx for the 24/192 asynchronous USB option and was wondering if there was any interest in my 1st-generation Peachtree DAC•iT. It's in excellent condition, no obvious scratches or blemishes, and sounds terrific. Has 24/192 coax, 24/96 optical, and 24/96 USB.


It went for $450 new when I purchased it. Given the rise of the 24/192 asynchronous USB models, I imagine $225 (which includes shipping to the continental US) would be fair. Any lower and I'd probably just keep it because even at "only" 24/96, it's a remarkable sounding unit.


All original accessories (e.g., remote) are included. Photos available on demand as detailed as you'd like.





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I'm interested if that price includes shipping; does it downsample internally from 192/24 (ie sent a 192 file, doesn't output noise, etc)? Looks like it does from the specs sheet, just checking if you've tried before.




To the best of my experience with it, it does downsample from 192/24. I was listening to Rachel Podger's "Guardian Angel" the other day, which is 192/24, and Audirvana indicated we were at 96/24 on playback.


However, let me hook it back up to my system and run it through a variety of files just to be sure. I'll get back to you in this thread.






P.S. Yes, the $225 includes shipping UPS Ground to anywhere in the continental US.

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