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absolutely irrational "it's-my-51st-birthday" post -- i LOVE porcupine tree live


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for some ungodly, unknown reason, just a few moments ago when i hit the timestamp entering year 52 in this mortal coil, the track playing on my one server (PB15 > Fireface400 > DAC-1 > HD600s hence computeraudiophile relevance :-) ) was a live version of "trains" from the new ROABP live release Ilusaarirock


no mystical meanings, no regression to exploits of youth (well, I was listening earlier to Traffic at the Fillmore East, reliving those memories), but....


wow again.


Steven Wilson is an amazingly talented individual, and PT live is magnificent.


we are so fortunate to have artists like this among us.



to all computeraudiophiliacs: may your challenges be great, your headaches be small; your health and that of your loved ones be well; your playback be as perfect as you want it to be, and may karma flow for you in rivers deep and wide.....




onward to another year of great music.


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Hey, Happy Birthday emmodad.


I only listened to PT for the first time recently - Blank Planet. I quite liked it. Is their other stuff similar?




hFX Classic fanless i7 SSD > Locus Nucleus / SW Diverter HR > RWA Isabella LFP-V Pro / New Sensor Genalex Gold Lion E88CC > ALO Sennheiser HD 800 balanced[br]

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