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Hellp needed to gather info on new DSD offerings

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Hi. As you might now I am tasked with keeping the DSD database up-to-date. The list has grown significantly over the past 18 months, and I kid that maybe it would be easier just to list those new digital devices that DON'T do DSD. :) Anyway.....


We pride ourselves on keeping it up-to-date, but that pride has to be swallowed a bit lately cuz the CES announcements, prototypes and actual working production DSD-capable DACs at the Show were overwhelming.


So, if anyone read/saw/heard about a new DSD-capable unit could you please respond here (check the database site first, of course). I will do the heavy lifting of tracking down the specs, etc...and of course updating the database. Thanks in advance



Here is the database link:



Edit: Chris, can you fix my typo in the thread title...I can't. Thx

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Maybe portables would make a good sub-category as your list grows


Chord Hugo

Resonessence Herus

Light Harmonic GeekOut

Fiio X5 (player)

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