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Weiss DAC202 Question

Which one can provide more better sound between  

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I used Weiss DAC202 for a while. But it didn't support DSD.

As you know we can upgrade DAC202 to support DSD file (via USB).


But Weiss already launch INT204.

So, Which one can provide more better sound between (no budget concern)

- Upgrade DAC202 to support DSD (via USB)


- Buy INT204 and connect to DAC202 via AES/EBU



I'm still waiting your suggestion, Thank you

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Actually there's also the option to upgrade all Weiss DACs such as DAC202 with the INT204 card to allow conversion of DSD files.


I was quoted CHF 1560 + tax for upgrading a DAC202 (original firewire model) - may be different for other DACs.


I'll be going this route in due course.

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I understand that the circuit board that they hook up internally in the DAC202 and MEDUS is the same one from INT204. So upgrading the DACs or using an external INT204, the only changes are the cables, power supply and separate chassis.


Also the INT204 board (internal or external) converts DSD to PCM (16/24 bits and 88/176kHz user selectable in INT204, not sure when it is internal, maybe fixed to 24/176).


BTW, you can do the same DSD=>PCM conversion in software real time during playback (Audirvana, JRiver, etc), so that you can keep using the DAC202 standalone to play DSD converted files.

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