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CAPS DN2800MT: Has anyone succesfully enabled graphics GPU GMA3600 in Windows 8.1?

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I realize that there are no 64 bit windows drivers for this board but I've found numerous posts about using the Win7/32 driver in Both Win 7 or compatibility mode in Windows 8. The problem is that I'm running 8.1 and cannot get this to work. I keep receiving the message that this computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements. I really don't care if the graphics work or not but when you use the Microsoft generic adapter it consumes the motherboard's resources instead of GPU. This could easily affect audio quality.

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With more than 100 views and zero responses I'm going to guess that the answer is no:)


Using DPC latency checker in Win7 I see around 350 but in 8.1 without the video driver enabled I'm getting just below 1300 so it obviously makes a difference.


I will revert back to Win7.

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