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Qobuz - I wish . . .

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Despite people raving about this site I seem to be struggling to get going.


1) trying to navigate the site is terrible (Safari on an Ipad). The on the fly translation slows everything down and jerks screen elements all over the place until finished.

2) when I select an option, a music genre for example, I get a pop up box asking me to suggest a better translation. It usually obscures the very thing I am trying to look at I I can't seem to make it go away.

3) The translation is redone every time I change screen.

4) How do I listen to samples ? When I choose a track it asks whether I want to listen on the 'embedded' player, 'Qobuz player' etc. whichever option I choose nothing happens.

5) I've not even managed to get as far as downloading anything and trying to pay for it.

am I missing a setting or two ? How do people manage ?

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I don't like the site either (too many elements), but it works quite well if you don't use the translation.


Maybe once you've seen what the text on the page means you can try to browse the site in french.


Some albums are only available in certain territories. If you are logged in and try to add an album which is not available in your country, there will be an error message.


What I don't like about the check out procedure is that the Paypal payment is done instantly without having to log into Paypal, as the user gave Qobuz an general authorisation to use Paypal with his first purchase. From then on, the payment is automatic once you finalize the order. Convenient, but I prefer to have more control over payments. I contacted Qobuz on this, and they said is was the only option with Paypal.


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