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Schiit Bifrost Input -- is one better than the others?

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I'm considering getting a Schiit Bifrost, with the Uber analog stage and USB input for my work computer, outputting to Audioengine A5+ powered speakers.


So, among the Bifrost's three inputs, has anyone seen one offering better sound than the others?

I have a good USB-to-coax converter hanging around, and the necessary cables, so it's easy for me to choose any one of the three.


I do know that with my music computer system -- detailed in my signature below -- that the Chord DAC sounds better, at least to my ears, with the coax than the USB.


So does the Schiit Bifrost show any input prejudices, too?


Dave, who understands the Bifrost changes quite a bit with a goodly amount of break-in


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From what I know of the "orginal" BiFrost, the Coaxial was favored among most of the people as the best input, followed by the optical and then the USB last. Now wish the USB upgrade that they've done, it might be pretty similar... I'm not able to say as I don't know anyone with a BiFrost that has upgraded its parts.

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The Gen. 2 usb board is supposed to be better than the old. Some folks on Head-Fi seem to like it better than the original. They have even stopped bad mouthing usb on the Schiit website. If you will have to buy another converter to use at work, you're probably better off getting the usb. If you can spare the converter from your computer set at home you may want to save the $100. Whatever you do, be sure to get the uber analog upgrade. Do NOT skip that. It's a significant improvement.

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I always thought the USB input was far superior, even more so with the upgrade.

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