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Hey all. I may be a little late to the party on this one.


After the whole MOG dismantle and the thought of loosing (or it changing to BEATS) , I was on the search for something else. I've seen you guys talk about Qobuz and thought I'd give it a try. Downloaded an album I couldn't find anywhere else, so I was happy. Anyway, I have questions about the streaming service.


1. Why can I only stream CD quality on my phone, but not online and send it to my DAC? (Two weeks are free)


2. Does anyone else pay for this service and what do you think?


It's definitely more clunky that MOG. Hell, MOG was/is awesome. So easy, so simple. Qobuz is a mess, but if I can stream 44.1/16, it might be worth it. Sure, I can start up with BEATS for 320 to fill in my music collection and check titles out before I buy, but I can't get over the name "BEATS". That's just a peeve of mine......


Anyway, just curious about my question and what you guys think of this service.



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Hello, now qobuz can be streamed on ipad with cd quality. You can airplay from ipad/iphone to mac and then send to dac . I am using this with airserver software installed on mac mini. There is simpler way to dowload on mac qobuz desktop but i have never managed this .

SQ with cd streaming slightly better than mp3, but mp3 with 320 speed are already good. In comparison to audirvana the sound is weaker, more digital, but detailed and quiet.

A lot of depends on your system. Worth trying. MOG and BEATS I do not know

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