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Disk Drive Reliability Study

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Thanks for sharing his article, very interesting.

27k units in use - that's what I call a good statistical basis for analysis.


I am happy the final judgement for the ones to go for includes the WD Red I have chosen for my NAS. So far 12 months without any issues ... knock on wood ...

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All my drives in my one server (20 of them) are Hitachi/Toshiba's model of the Hitachi I buy. Not a single one has failed to date (2 years, maybe three)... and they are on pretty much 24/7 though they do spin down when not in use.


I also have 24 drives in another server with a mix of WD and Hitachi.... the WDs will every once in a great while drop out of the array... where the Hitachi's never have caused a problem. WD drives aren't bad but for whatever reason the controller fails the drive. Each time it's happened I checked the drive (figuring if broke I'll RMA it), but they do pass all my tests and I end up putting it back in to be a spare.


But by far the Hitachi's have been my favorite for speed and reliability and they run really cool compared to a lot of the other Manufacturers out there.

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