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Same questions as avta…specifically:


1. What was the source of the files? Sometimes they have download options that include 16/44 and the 24 bit needs selecting (not saying you made this mistake but that it could have been the issue on the distributor's side).


2. What is your playback software? Sometimes the software can down sample higher bit rates unless certain options are selected.


3. What is your DAC (if any)? How are you playing back to your amplifier and speakers/headphones?

Positive emotions enhance our musical experiences.


Synology DS213+ NAS -> Auralic Vega w/Linear Power Supply -> Auralic Vega DAC (Symposium Jr rollerball isolation) -> XLR -> Auralic Taurus Pre -> XLR -> Pass Labs XA-30.5 power amplifier (on 4" maple and 4 Stillpoints) -> Hawthorne Audio Reference K2 Speakers in MTM configuration (Symposium Jr HD rollerball isolation) and Hawthorne Audio Bass Augmentation Baffles (Symposium Jr rollerball isolation) -> Bi-amped w/ two Rythmic OB plate amps) -> Extensive Room Treatments (x2 SRL Acoustics Prime 37 diffusion plus key absorption and extensive bass trapping) and Pi Audio Uberbuss' for the front end and amplification

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Could someone please fix the spelling of the title of the thread?





the spell police

are inside my head


the spell police

i'm better off dead


- after Cheap Trick

In any dispute the intensity of feeling is inversely proportional to the value of the issues at stake ~ Sayre's Law

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