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Anybody tried this usb filter ?

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The I-fi stuff has glowing reviews. The iUSB to be clear provides clean power and leaves the signal untouched. The iPurifier on the other hand filters power and signal. The claim is a 5db reduction in noise (over what bandwidth is not stated on their product page).

On the other hand quoted from the JRE page:


"The data line filters pass the up to 480Mbps of USB Type 1 or 2 data while providing rejection greater than 80dB from 1GHz through 6 GHz. The power line filters pass the DC power and return while providing rejection greater than 80dB from 1MHz through 6 GHz."


Of course there may be more to this than pure specs, the proof of the pudding lies in the eating...


Anybody have experience with the JRE product?

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The JRE unit appears to be primarily a radio frequency filter operating from about 500Mhz upwards.




Data Line Balanced Impedance: 90 Ohms typical


Typical Insertion Loss (data lines):


10 MHz 0.1 dB


150 MHz 1.2 dB


250 MHz 1.5 dB


350 MHz 2.0 dB


480 MHz 3.0 dB


700 MHz > 70 dB


800 MHz to 6 GHz > 80 dB


DC Power lines: 0.1 ohms DC resistance, -3 db @ 10 MHz, -60 @ 100 MHz, -80 db, 400 MHz to 6GHz


It's not to clear to me at present how the iFi iPurifier works as I have not found a tech paper on it yet, but here is what iFi say about it,



PurePurification® technology removes unwanted EMI from USB audio + power.

iPurifier removes DC offset and rebalances the USB audio for perfect transmission.

Compliant with USB Audio Class 2.0 (handles PCM/DXD/DSD).


High-Speed USB Audio Class 2.0 (384kHz and beyond supported)

Impedance: 90 ohms

Connectors: FINAL machined alloy connectors

Dimensions:62(l) x 19 (w) x 18 (h) mm

Weight:32g (0.0705lbs)


I guess you may have to try both. It is hard to rely on user experience alone as your mileage may differ. There is a big price difference. As you will see from my signature I have a few of the iFi units and have found that they don't make exaggerated claims. Each one brought its claimed attributes to the table, and operated without tech issues. Some experimentation with various settings and cable configurations paid dividends. That is why I say try if you can.

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