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Music Giants Files For Bankruptcy

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... it isn't good news...... I have to say that while they are Window's centric (that isn't a crime in any way, shape or form) and they didn't 'get' that most of us (ALL?) don't want DRM, I hope that they can figure out where they went wrong and end up getting folks to buy more music. I like their catalogue, just not the Windows (semi) exclusivity and the DRM. I'm certainly not rejoicing this.


A bit more info: http://www.digitalmusicnews.com/stories/052709hdgiants


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.. at the link describes it as well as anything else I've heard. An "angel" investor left on short notice, and the business plan wasn't designed to compensate for that. My feeling about the WMP and DRM issue is probably the same as yours: It stopped me from being a buyer.


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Several people of influence and merit met in Europe the other day to try to start hashing out a way to simplify distributing music (digital downloads) in Europe. This has come up a couple of times here on CA, and folks here should be interested in this - urging their representatives to accelerate finding an answer to the hang up.: http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2008/09/steve-jobs-joins-ceos-mick-jagger-for-e-commerce-roundtable.ars - This probably isn't the best link to this, but is the best I could find right now.


EDIT: a couple of verbiage construction corrections...


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