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JRiver library question

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I'm currently using JRMC18 on PC, and my music is divided in two folders:


1. FLAC (music that I don't listen so often)

2. Uncompressed FLAC + WAV


I know that is possible to have two libraries and switch between them, but is it possible to have two libraries open at the same time? or i have to make three libraries (1. FLAC, 2. Uncompressed and 3. FLAC+ Uncompressed).

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No, it's not possible to have two libraries open at the same time.


You could have your music in three separate libraries but I would recommend only having one. The only reason I can think of that you would want to split your music into separate libraries would be if you had such a colossal collection that it was significantly degrading the performance of JRMC (very unlikely in my experience).

By managing your tagging and creating custom views of your collection you can easily segregate your collection and only see what you're interested in at any point in time, all within a single library. It's very flexible like that. If you need more help doing that I would recommend posting to the JRiver Interact forum.

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Only reason why I want this, to split it so when I want to listen to highest quality, I don't wan't FLAC files to be visible. Must be also visible on JRemote, I read about custom views but never tried.


If it's not a problem, can you quickly explain how to do it, with tagging I'm familiar, I only don't understand custom views. I suppose I have to add a tag to each file, FLAC or UNCOPMRESSED, then make custom views.

If not I'll post on JRiver forum.

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Ah! If you want to use JRemote then that's going to be your problem because currently the views can't be customised. That's a feature I would really like because my classical collection doesn't look sensible under JRemote due to the tagging method I'm using. The JRemote author is active on the JRiver forum so the more people that hassle him the better...

The Interact forum is your best bet because the JRiver developers as well as experienced users respond on there directly.

If you see me back here chase me away.

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