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TOSLINK to SPDIF converter box

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I am likely going to buy the Resonessence Labs Mirus DAC. I like the idea of the SD Card for input + USB for computer when I feel like more control. I would also like to hook up my Cable TV and Xbox 360 via the TOSLINK outputs of those devices. The Mirus DAC has 2 BNC inputs that would be free in my setup. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good TOSLINK to SPDIF converter to hook up the Cable TV + Xbox + whatever else to the BNC of the DAC. I know I will have 1 TOSLINK input on the DAC, and I will use that, but I have more TOSLINKS that need to be connected. Thanks in advance.

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I use Funk CAS-2 and like it ,-)

CAS-2.V3/SE Digital Signal Switch

Signal switch/splitter/converter for digital audio signals in SPDIF (consumer format). This unit allows you to comfortably monitor up to 8 connected devices and, independently of this, to record one of these signals to all other connected devices. By pressing a button, you can activate a digital connection point where you can insert external processing units into the recording path. The unit stores the current configuration even after you turn it off. Power supply: 230 V/50...60 Hz, Sampling rate: 28...192 kHz Supported word length: 16...24 bits Inputs and outputs: 4 Toslink inputs, 4 coax inputs, 5 recording outputs (3x coax, 2x Toslink), 1 coax monitor output (digital monitor output, e.g., for external D/A converters), 1 coax digital insert point (send + return). You can adapt the input configurations internally using jumpers.

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