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Speaker Cables now 2 feet short

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I have moved hifi rooms, and the way my equipment rack is situated now, my 12 foot long Transparent Music Wave Plus Speaker cables are short (The R channel is actually fine, but the L channel is 6-7 feet short). I would like comments about whether it is 'ok' to add an equal amout of 10 gauge BJC speaker cable to the ends of each Transparent cable (on the speaker end--or amp end??)? I suppose I could sell them and buy others, but would prefer to avoid that.

Thanks for your thoughts,


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1) Cut the speaker cables in half

2) Get an extra amp, X-over and signal cables

3) Bi-amp the hell out of those poppies


Those speakers must be worth it.


My thoughts.

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I would go with one run of whatever (or maybe consider Digitpete's suggestion).


But you actually don't have to alter the cables (splice them that is). If they have spade lugs you could physically bind them together. Low tech, a brass bolt and nut clamping them together, cover with suitable heatshrink. You can come up with other connections too.

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I think your only options are to buy longer speaker cables or move the amp between the speakers and buy longer interconnects to reach the newly placed amp.

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I would simply head on over to Blue Jean Cables and order up the required amount of Canare 4S11 speaker cable. It can be ordered with very good locking Banana plugs or spades and it is a quite good modest cost alternative. Or you could consider the Belden 5000 which is also very worthwhile although I favor the Canare as being more flexible and easier to work with. I use the Canare now but have used both with good results. Not sure if either would be up to the standards you may be used to ... but it would be quite informative to know if either succeeds, or fails a comparison.


Or you could find a way to move the amp closer to the speakers so that you could continue to use your existing cables.

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I would simply head on over to Blue Jean Cables and order up the required amount of Canare 4S11 speaker cable. ....

Since the Transparent cables weren't long enough, I started using some Belden 10-gauge 5T00UP that I had extra lying around. The system sounds great with the BJC cables, but I can't practically or meaninfully compare them to the Transparent cables, since they won't reach. The room I am using is also very different from the room where I was using the Transparent cables, so I can't say anything about how the cables used to sound there as compared to where the system is now. Perhaps I will just use the Transparent cables in another lesser system I have, and be happy about it!

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