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please help!!! can't hear a difference with my DAC....tips/suggestions?

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Hello All, (new here, posted this in headfi but did not get alot of response)



I just hooked up a DragonFly to my Windows 8 pc setup (passive speakers and amp) and totally cannot hear any improvements at all.


I believe the manual suggests pc volume at 25% to max, media player (I'm using foobar) to 100% and then I guess use my amp's volume manually??? That's what I did thus far.


Currently I'm doing 100% and 100% on pc/media player



I selected sample rate in the Windows Setup of 44.1kHz


What the heck am I doing wrong? Or do my ears just suck?


I'll probably test this out also on a secondary Windows Vista pc



Also, not sure if this is worth mentioning, but I tried it in all 4 rear usb ports and both side ports, one of the side ports produces no sound, the other side port and 3 out of the 4 rear ports produce sound at reduced volume.....the other rear main port appears to produce full volume


One last thing please, can anyone maybe suggest a good way to test to see if I can detect audible differences other than crude manner of plugging it in/out?


Only difference I've noticed thus far in this manner is the DAC makes it louder

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any idea how to set the interface like that?


using vintage Luxman r113 i bought used for next to nothing and kefq500s


the headphone amp on this thing doesn't sound anywhere near as good as the Lux nor the amp in my cheap logitech z2300's either off my Sony MDR XB700's

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Audioquest's website says Vista doesn't work and you need drivers for Windows 8:USB Digital Analog Converter


I'm on a Mac so I'm not sure how to set your audio settings on Windows. There are additional set up instructions on the Audioquest site. The DragonFly sounds noticeably improved over connecting headphones directly into the headphone jack to me.


The simplest thing I can think of to test is to listen to nothing playing. With my headphones connected to the headphone jack, I can hear a higher noise floor. With headphones connected to the DragonFly, the noise floor is much lower.

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