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Where has Ashley gone?


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I'm new here and obviously missing something..... but reading though the various older posts I found his 'directness', not to say considerable charm and good humour an absolute pleasure... and a challenge.


How come he has vanished yet some fella overtly trying to flog $xxxx add ons (with little eye on the 'punters' budget, speakers, amps etc) is still hereabouts?


Looking through the CA 'Heritage' posts, I think this guy is the bee's knee's. He challenges certain 'wisdoms', yet at the end of the day loves music, seems to want to communicate his/a philosophy and... by all accounts seems to back up his claims with good products too.... without shoving them down folk's throats.


What gives?


Where is he?


Or am I just naive.... he was only around long enough to sell his kit? Or what?


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