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Taming The Low Frequency Spectrum In Your Listening Space

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Found two articles on the Web today which might be of interest to any of you who are interested in taming the low frequency spectrum in your listening space.


Fair warning - these two articles are written by individuals working for companies involved in producing audio products and services for the marketplace.


The first is a general, concise overview of bass trapping techniques. It can be viewed on the Audioholics Online A/V Magazine Web site at:




The second is a section from the user manual for the Crane Song Avocet Studio Controller. The relevant section of the user manual concerns a technique for properly integrating sub-woofer(s) into a room without using test instruments. The article is on pages 29-36 of this user manual. You can view it online at the Crane Song Web site at:




Regards to all,


Mr. Wednesday


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