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JRemote problem

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Couple of months ago I purchased JRemote and IPad2 with specific reason only to remotely control my audiophile system. The configuration is standard (all is wired by cat-6) – Router, Cable modem, NAS, Dell PC – Win7 – JRiver-19 – dac – integrated amp – speakers.


When I started with JRemote I asked for access key from JRiver, enable DNLA, loaded access key to JRemote and was able to control JRiver from JRemote with no problem and with big pleasure and convenience!


In a few days I noticed that connection sometimes lost. No big deal – reconnected and it’s works.


Yesterday, the connection was lost completely.

First it was like out of sync.

When connection was lost completely.

I reload JRemote from app store, notice that it’s version 2.43 now;

When after reload it’s still showed ver. 2.42.

IPad IOS 7.04

And no connection.


I deleted access key from JRiver and request a new one.

With the new key I got message that key is verified but server is not available.

And of course – no connection.


Any help with this would be highly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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