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Tango PC as music server?

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TANGO™ is has a size of a smartphone, but don't be fooled by its size. It has a laptop strength CPU and an integrated Gaming GPU. It will run Windows 7, 8 Pro, Linux, Chrome OS and any other OS that is compatible to laptop PCs. Tango is Officeable, Entertainmentable and Gamable. One TANGO™ could replace at once all of these:




Users can slide TANGO™ into a tiny and slim docking port to get usual monitor, keyboard, mouse, TV, remote and network connectivity. Multiple docking ports can be kept at home and office desk, or next to the TV to enable users to use TANGO™ in multiple ways while carrying it around in their pocket. At your desk, TANGO™ provides business class performance and productivity. When docked next to your TV, TANGO™ provides IPTV entertainment with remote and Windows Media center. Thanks to its high end integrated GPU, You can run CAD software and play PC Games. Think of it like xBox 360® or PS3® in your pocket. (GPU specifications of Tango are superior to published GPU specifications of xBox 360).




AMD A6-5200 Quad Core 2GHz, up to 25 watts, with integrated GCN GPU HD8400


SODIMM DDR3-1600 socket x1 (from 2GB to 8GB). Laptop RAM


SATA III mSATA SSD Socket x1. (from 32GB to 512GB or higher)

Operating System

Any laptop PC compatible OS can run on Tango (Windows 7, 8 Pro, Linux flavors, Chrome, etc). Windows 7 and 8 Pro will be certified to run.

PC Size

125mm X 80mm X 13.5mm

DockPort Size

135mm X 135mm X 27mm

DockPort Connectivity

1x HDMI, 3x USB 2.0, 1x USB3.0, RJ45, internal WiFi, AV jack, DC 12V jack

AC Adapter

60W, 110-270V input. Connects to Docking Port.


1 Year return to base warranty



*Reasonable specification changes may occur as part of product availability and evolution.

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The docking station and the Tango are similar size to a mac mini. If it plays games, there's no need to invest in liquid cooled CPU, but the 8GB RAM will limit serious Gaming with mutliple GPU customisations not even in the picture.


To use the Tango in the office or at home, both locations need a docking station. I guess you can carry a smaller package around with you rather than a larger laptop.


The laptop still has the advantage of portability, works from a battery, has a keyboard without a docking station, so does a tablet.


I don't get it.

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